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Meet Our Team


Bill Mull

Agency Owner

I have been in the industry for 28 plus years helping to guide and educate families so they can make an informed decision in the protection for their family. Being a trusted advisor to families in helping them to become more educated so they can come away with a greater understanding of why they need a coverage.  I enjoy adding value and proper protection to their life, as I love being around people and help our community become richer by helping it grow and prosper.

I grew up on a farm in western Kansas where we learned how important family is to each of us.  I went to Wichita State in 1966, and graduated in 1974 with bachelors degree in Business Administration.  My education had to take a back seat as I was drafted in my Junior year in the US Army.  Joined the Reserves and was able to go to school and finish my commitment in 4 years.

“I love working in my yard or you might find me helping someone else in the neighborhood with one of their projects.  I just love to share my talents I have been blessed with in a helpful way. People are my greatest educator and they are a joy to work with.”

There are two things I love to do, sing in our church choirs and working with wood projects. I really enjoy working with the boys at Youth Horizons here in town.  Very worthwhile effort helping young men become educated and be an upstanding citizen in the community.

Shannon Webb

Operations Manager 

Prior to working with Bill Mull I had worked from home as an agent selling for another agency owner. I’ve been with Bill for over 3 years now and I am P&C and life licensed.

I am from the Kansas City area (Overland Park). I have an associates degree from Butler County Community college and my bachelors degree from Friends University, graduated both Magna Cum Laude in Human Resource Management!

I originally went to college to become a teacher because I love to teach others, then I went for a degree in Human Resources because I love to help others. In the interim, “I was introduced to the insurance industry where I get to educate and protect others on a daily basis – talk about a perfect fit for me.”

I enjoy my family and supporting my son (Parker) in his sports. He is a back to back State Champion in soccer and he started kicking for the football team his senior year. My fiancé (Scott) has a morning sports show on the radio, he is the field announcer at 81 Speedway, and announces several other sporting events throughout the year. I make a point to attend as many events of Parker and Scott’s that I possibly can in order to support them, but the funny thing is – I’m not big into sports.

When I’m not attending sporting events, you can find me with friends or family. I’ve made it a habit to spend time with my girlfriend and her family at Beaver Lake (labor day) and my best friend and I like to go visit her mother in Wisconsin as often as possible. Sunday’s you can find us at Church, followed by lunch at Jose Peppers.

I am an avid reader; I will read anything I can get my hands on. But inspirational books are my favorite.

I love to volunteer for Judgment House every year at my church, New Spring. Christmas time is my favorite, partly because I get to take gifts to the boys at Youth Horizons. I am involved with a campaign to raise awareness in the Wichita area about domestic violence and I work closely with the local YWCA. Although I wasn’t able to this year, I have volunteered with the Wichita Junior Golf program at Clapp Park in previous years.


Amanda Wilson

Office Manager 

I’ve been in the insurance industry for a total of 11 years and counting. The feeling that I have helped someone understand his or her coverage needs is what keeps me going.

On a personal note, when I’m not in the office, I enjoy the company of my kids, playing softball and listening to music. Some hobbies include shopping and just being out and about. And I love the occasional reality tv show.

Originally I am from Wichita, Ks. I moved to KC for 12 years and back to Wichita in 2005. I spend my spare time volunteering and raising awareness for Autism Care Walk- for my son who is autistic and American Cancer Society – for I have lost WAY too many of my friends/family to cancer.

Sarah Grow

Licensed CSR

I started doing reception work for the first time in 2014 and I started growing more and more interested in the industry, and eventually got my license, now I am a full service representative. I love the service work, I like to help our customers and let them know I am doing my best to make sure they are taken care of and protected.

I grew up in Conway Springs, that’s also where I graduated. It’s a very small town, I moved to Wichita, where I went to cosmetology school, only to work for the USPS for 5 years.

I LOVE my son; he is the center of my life since losing my husband last February. We enjoy spending time outdoors, at the lake, at the zoo, the dog park, or helping with events at our parish.

Dennet Watson

I started in the insurance industry in 2014 as an Express Claims Adjuster. In 2015, I assisted in helping eligible customers and retirees with enrolling in Medicare Supplement plans. What most excites me about working at the Bill Mull Agencies is the opportunity to help people understand how important insurance is for themselves and their families.

I was born and raised in Hutchinson, KS. I attended and graduated from Hutchinson High School and Hutchinson Community Jr. College. While in school, I focused on business with a desire to have a career as an Office Manager.

I really enjoy spending time with my family and I cannot stop telling people about my beautiful grandchildren. I love watching movies; I could spend an entire weekend unplugged and unreachable just watching movies. I am also slightly OCD and can sometimes be consumed by the need to get things organized.

I thoroughly enjoy running the concessions with my mom for the WUBC; Wichita United Basketball Club.

Paul L. Duncan

Licensed Sales Professional 

I love serving customers and making sure they are satisfied, which is why I am very excited to form part of the sales team here at the Bill Mull Agencies.

I am from a military family, therefore we moved around the country and overseas. In fact, I actually graduated from high school in Germany. I have a myriad of things that I enjoy such as golf, riding motorcycles, exercising and traveling.

I also love spending time with my family and my fiancee.


Natalie Martin

Insurance Agent 

I have been in the insurance industry for 2 and a-half years. What I enjoy most about work is explaining insurance to customers so that they can understand what the coverage is for, and just having a conversation with people.

I grew up in the small town of Whitewater Kansas. Before Insurance I worked with Kids with behavior disorders and then ran my own daycare in my home.

When I’m out of the office, I love watching my kids play sports and my husband coach. We are usually at a game watching one of our kids play football, softball, volleyball, or gymnastics. If not that we are at home relaxing. Occasionally, I indulge in some healthy shop therapy. I love to shop for shoes and purses and have dinner dates with my husband.

In my spare time I volunteer at the YMCA coaching my daughters Volleyball team.