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Commercial Auto Insurance

Commercial auto insurance is for businesses that have a fleet of vehicles. The vehicles could be cars, trucks, vans or some other type of vehicle. The most important thing is that the vehicles are for business purposes. The word fleet brings to mind several vehicles, but as few as one vehicle can be covered if it’s for business purposes.

This insurance is beneficial for business owners. Just like with regular auto insurance, vehicles for business purposes need protection as well. These vehicles generally spend more time on the road, and are at an increased risk for damage. Considering that, it only makes sense to have insurance to cover a variety of situations.

The most basic form of coverage is liability. This will pay for damage done to other vehicles or people. It means the company will only have to pay a small portion, if anything, following the accident. Without his insurance, a company could find itself paying huge out of pocket costs. Then there is collision coverage, which pays for damages to the car following a collision with another car or object. And then there is comprehensive coverage, which covers several possible scenarios.

If you have vehicles for business use, then leaving them uninsured is a recipe for disaster. Your business could suffer should an accident occur. You also have to consider what you’ll do in the case of theft or vandalism. Speak with an insurance agent about your options for commercial auto insurance.