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Motorcycle Insurance

Motorcycle Insurance is Important

If you own a motorcycle in the United States, then you’re going to need motorcycle insurance. All but one US state requires all people who own vehicles to have insurance. This means in order to legally operate a motorcycle, there must be an insurance policy. Having insurance is a smart choice, especially considering the high rate of motorcycle accidents.

Here are some things to consider when searching for coverage:

1. Medical payment coverage isn’t required in most states. However, it is recommended. This coverage will cover your medical bills up to your coverage limit, even if you were at fault. If a passenger was injured, than that person is also covered.

2. Collision coverage will pay for repairs to your bike or pay its current cash value. You might always want to make sure you get replacement coverage. This will replace your bike instead of only paying you its current market value.

3. Liability coverage is the minimum required by law. If you have nothing else, then you must at least have liability. Keep in mind that liability does not pay for your damages. It is to pay for damages you cause to another person or their property.

4. Comprehensive coverage covers your bike following a theft, damage from fire, flood or vandalism. It pays for damages occurring from events other than a collision.

5. Uninsured/Underinsured coverage is important. If you’re injured in an accident that an uninsured driver causes, then you’re covered for bodily injuries up to a specific amount. If the person is underinsured, then your coverage will make up the difference.